What Is ATS?

ATS & Your Resume

The ATS (applicant tracking system) is software developed for use by recruiters to help them manage the onslaught of resumes received in response to online job ads.

ATS has been a great improvement for recruiters. But for job seekers? Not so much. ATS compliance adds yet another level of complexity to be conquered before your resume ever makes it to the recruiter’s desk. Among the many rules imposed by ATS regarding font style, page format, page design, and so forth, the #1 rule is the need for a score of 80% or higher when compared against the job description you are pursing. If your resume scores well, it will move on to a human recruiter. If not, your resume is likely relegated to a cavernous database (the infamous black hole).

We’re ATS experts, helping professionals at management-level and higher across a wide variety of industries and job titles to get past this “digital gatekeeper” and get in front of the decision maker  – the recruiter or hiring manager.

If you’ve been sending out lots of resumes but getting little or nothing back, why not allow us to assess your resume for ATS compliance? This free service will tell you, beyond a doubt, what is holding back your resume from getting you an interview.