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The Works Package

Here at Revamped Resumes, we do things a bit differently!

With The Works, you’ll receive:

  • A new master resume and master cover letter
  • 3 additional keyword-tailored resumes and accompanying keyword-tailored cover letters
  • How-to instructions on keyword-tailoring your master cover letter to each job application.
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • ATS scoring for the 3 additional resumes, proof-positive you've achieved a score of 80% or higher (required by recruiters)

What is ATS? ATS software (applicant tracking system) scans, sorts and scores your received resume, deciding whether to pass it on to a human recruiter. (That’s right – a machine decides if you pass or fail!) A score lower than 80% can mean your resume will be rejected. For quite some time, only recruiters had access to ATS. Now, we've re-engineered ATS to benefit job seekers too, so you can truly compete.

Here are the details on The Works:

Resume Revisions
  • Master Resume Written
  • 3 additional keyword-optimized, ATS-scored resumes written for 3 job descriptions you provide
ATS Scoring
  • ATS Scores for the 3 provided job links using the tailored resume versions
  • Minimum score required 80%
Cover Letter
  • Master cover letter
  • 3 Additional keyword-optimized cover letters correlating with 3 resume revisions
LinkedIn Profile
  • Optimization of your LinkedIn profile based on Master Resume content
  • Approximately 15 business days

Add on our Job Finder Plan

The JobFinder Plan helps you find and apply to jobs that fit the role(s) you seek. Actually, we find the jobs. You simply apply. It’s a real godsend for the busy professional.

How do we do it? Using a combination of proprietary and public resources, we source appropriate jobs for you daily, sending these opportunities to your designated email. You choose which to pursue and which to ignore. And the prospects just keep on coming! In fact, we guarantee you’ll receive a minimum of 20 currently available job posts aligned with your career goals.

We also provide contact information for most jobs. If the job post doesn’t readily reveal the contact person, we’ll go searching for it and share our findings with you, so you can reach out with total confidence.

Oh, and did I mention the templates? Yes, my cold templates will warm up any job opportunity! I’ll send you 5 proven follow-up templates appropriate for use on LinkedIn when reaching out to recruiters and hiring managers. You already know LinkedIn makes it tough to connect with people if you don’t have a large network or a paid subscription. But no worries, because these templates make following up fast and easy – just choose the most fitting response for recruiters, VIPS, and others, then copy/paste it into your LinkedIn messaging box or email and finish off with your name.

And speaking of recruiters, have you heard about our Recruiter Referrals? We’ve cultivated relationships with recruiters in specialty areas who will gladly accept and personally consider your skills and qualifications in relation to open roles. No guarantees of course, but this can work wonders in uncovering those “hidden” (unadvertised) job opportunities.

Finally, we’ll track all jobs sent your way during the month and, when your plan ends, share the spreadsheet so you can manage your job search activity going forward. Or, simply sign up for another month of The JobFinder Plan!

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