Executive Essentials

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The Executive Essentials package is for Senior-Level, Executive, or C-Suite Professionals.
Turnaround is 20 business days, and includes the following:

  • ✔ Master Resume | 2 revisions, encompassing your feedback
  • ✔ Two (2) additional keyword-tailored ATS-scored resumes (no-revisions) | based on 2 job descriptions you wish to pursue
  • ✔ ATS scoring for the 2 keyword-tailored resumes | real-time scores shared with you
  • ✔ Two (2) customized Cover Letters, optimized to the 2 keyword-tailored resumes
  • ✔ LinkedIn profile optimization, head-to-toe | pdf of both old and new content provided for safekeeping
  • ✔ 20-minute ATS Resume Optimization Coaching – Live, individual, via conferencing software
  • ✔ 20-minute LinkedIn Job Search Coaching – Live, individual, via conferencing software
  • ✔ Recruiter Referrals (resume sent to minimum of 5 recruiters in your specialty with whom we have relationships) (within 30 days following completion of project)
  • ✔ Resume Revisit: at 6-month mark, we’ll refresh your resume and profile, aimed at your currently held role or a new role
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  • ✔ On-demand video instructions:
    • How to Keyword-Tailor Your Resume Using ATS
    • How to Craft a Custom Cover Letter


In 2019, employers and recruiters are using video interviews to streamline the recruitment process and augment hiring decisions. At some point in your job search, you’ll be asked to interview via video. Worried? Don’t be! Our simulated video interview will get you past the awkwardness, the stiffness, the “what do I do with my hands?” panic, so you can relax, engage, and passionately describe your skills and experiences to demonstrate your unique qualifications.

  • Practice answering the most common interview questions.
  • Get more comfortable in front of a camera.
  • Have you “success stories” ready ahead of time. No sweat!
  • Stand out, fit in, and make a lasting impression.

Following the interview, you’ll receive a pass or fail grade, as well as additional instruction and encouragement that will ensure you’re fully prepared for the big moment.

NEW!! RecruiterReach™

Recruiters and HR professionals receive loads of unsolicited emails from jobseekers. How can you show you’re a serious candidate? First, target the right recruiters. Next, hit ’em with a personalized 30-second video message. It’s quick. It’s unique. It’s engaging. It’s impressive. It makes you more human. And we can help you make it happen.
RecruiterReach™ – you’ll wonder how you ever job searched without it!

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