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Our Professional Priority package beautifully serves the needs of the executive job-seeking community, while also holding down the cost on a process that can become very expensive!
Turnaround is 15-20 business days, and includes the following:

  • ✔ 15-minute phone consultation; scheduled at a time convenient for you.
  • ✔ Career Questionnaire – Crystallizes where you’ve been and where you want to go.
  • ✔ Wordcloud – visualizes resume weaknesses prior to starting project.
  • ✔ One (1) highly effective Master Resume:
    • A chronological resume covering your overall experience, qualifications, and skills. Not
      acceptable for online job applications as it is not tailored to a role, but handy for offline
      pursuits and serves as the basis for the rest of the project. Includes up to 3 revisions as
  • ✔ One (1) additional ATS-compliant resume matched to 1 job description you wish to pursue. Includes matching ATS score:
    • An ATS-compliant resume (ACR) geared to an open position you want to pursue online.
      Guaranteed to pass ATS and be received by the recruiter. Additional ACRs available for
      $100 each.
  • ✔ LinkedIn profile optimization – banner image, keyword-rich headline, and About section:
    • Headline, “About”, and banner image. “About” reflects resume summary but with a slight twist.
      Checks contact info, customizes profile link if needed, and turns on Recruiter Alert feature if
      wanted, alerting recruiters to your job search and type of job. Easy to turn off. No one sees it
      but you and recruiters (but if you’re “stealth” searching, leave it off – could be risky.

Ready to talk about it? Follow this link to Victoria’s calendar to schedule an Introductory Consult: https://VictoriaIpri.as.me

A La Carte Program Add-ons:

Cover Letter: $50 for one (1) (use it again and again with just a few tweaks.)

Learn ATS: $100/per 60-minute session
60-minute individual ATS instruction session via conference call at a convenient scheduled time.
Learn our expert secrets to score and optimize your resume to guarantee it passes ATS!

Learn LinkedIn Job Search: $100/per 60-minute session
LinkedIn’s job search feature offers a wealth of information about the companies you most want to work for. A prepared candidate is a hired candidate!

VideoSim®: $100
No doubt you’ll be invited to a video interview in the near future. Prepare by practicing! Conference-driven video interview session leading to a written report providing Pass or Fail grade on everything from lighting and sound to your mannerisms and company research, and practical suggestions for improvement.