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Our Professional Priority package beautifully serves the needs of the executive job-seeking community, while also holding down the cost on a process that can become very expensive!
Turnaround is 15-20 business days, and includes the following:

  • ✔ One (1) highly effective Master Resume
  • ✔ One (1) additional ATS-compliant resume matched to 1 job description you wish to pursue. Includes matching ATS score
  • ✔ One (1) customized cover letter, aligned with the ATS-compliant resume
  • ✔ LinkedIn profile optimization – banner image, keyword-rich headline, and About section
  • Options for ongoing job search assistance:
    • On-Demand Video: How to Keyword-Tailor Your Resume for Any Job You Want     
    • One-on-One Coaching: via conference call, 60 minutes
    • VideoSim: Our proprietary video interview practice session and custom report
    • 30-second Meet Me video: our guidance and instruction, your recording
    • Informational Interview Tactics and Strategy: via conference call

Ready to talk about it? Follow this link to Victoria’s calendar to schedule an Introductory Consult: https://VictoriaIpri.as.me