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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Our services center on you and your job search! Master resumes, ATS-compliant resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, job search coaching, informational interview coaching, practice video interviews, and much more will kick your job search into high gear!

What is ATS and why do I need it?

Glad you asked! ATS is software used by recruiters and hiring managers to score your resume based on how closely your key words, qualifications, and experience match the job descriptions to which you are applying. We use ATS software too, ensuring that when you actually submit a resume for a specific job, there is no need to worry about resume rejection. Because recruiters mandate a minimum match score of 80%, this is the minimum we shoot for.

Does specialize in a specific industry or professional level?

We work with senior management and above across all industries.

How does it all work?

Your project begins with a phone call with our CEO, Victoria Ipri. Victoria is a nationally recognized LinkedIn expert and one of only a handful of true ATS pros. During this 15-minute call, Victoria will ask questions to understand your career and job search, and explain all the steps in our process, including fees, payment, project phases, deliverables, and turnaround times. In a rush? No problem! We can handle it.

For more information on this process, please view the page “How It Works”.

How can I be sure I'm making a good decision when hiring you?

The best way to vet our work is to visit Victoria’s LinkedIn profile, where you’ll find hundreds of positive testimonials (under the heading “Recommendations”). Feel free to reach out privately to any one of these satisfied clients for more information.

You can also google Victoria to learn more about the work she’s done to help job seekers across the United States and the world.

Can I request work samples?

Certainly…we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What are my payment options? Do you offer discounts or a payment plan?

We offer payment via Paypal,, Venmo, and several others. Or, you can mail a check. For the unemployed, our fee can be split into two well-spaced payments, making it more affordable.

What if I’m in a rush?

Due to our workload, we do not offer “rush service” in most cases. Use the contact us form to share your situation and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

How can I get answers to my questions before I send money?

You can call, email, message via LinkedIn, or text message our CEO, Victoria Ipri, for a fast response:

  • Phone call or text message: 610.609.9575
  • email:
  • LinkedIn:

Do you provide refunds?

Typically, we do not approve refunds once work on your project has begun. If your special circumstances warrant a refund, let’s talk about it! In most cases, the issue is minor and can be easily resolved. We encourage you to carefully read all start up paperwork before sending payment, to ensure your questions are answered satisfactorily and you fully understand the process.