Your Resume

While the Internet has simplified job search, the glut of resumes received for each job opening leaves recruiters responding to 30% or less. To cut through the clutter, recruiters use ATS (applicant tracking system – a specialized search engine), to filter resumes by keywords. Only the most qualified applicants make the cut.

If ATS doesn’t understand your resume, it won’t reach a recruiter. You see, while ATS is scanning your resume for appropriate keywords, OCR (optical character recognition) technology is working in the background. OCR can’t recognize images, such as multi-lines, boxes, tables, graphs, and charts. If these elements are used on your resume, it will be dead,instead of read.

Now, combine OCR with ATS, and you begin to see why so many “pretty” resumes of qualified candidates are overlooked.

Bottom line: Todays jobseekers have only one choice:

Hand out your resume the old-fashioned way or get with the program.

Because we understand resume writing and the technology behind it, we’ve developed a proprietary 12-step approval process, ensuring your resume meets or exceeds all requirements. As our client, you’ll know what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, so you can begin submitting job applications with confidence.