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At Revamped Resumes, we do resumes right. And we don’t just mean pretty. A pretty resume is a beautiful thing, but…in our modern age of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, your resume must be more than attractive. It must comply with ATS standard requirements (things like page formatting) and parameters set by recruiters (things like keywords, qualifications, and skills.)

It’s s tall order, but we know how to do it, ensuring you enjoy the kind of confidence that can only come with knowing you’ve competed fair and square.

Now that’s a lot better than throwing your resume into a black hole, don’t you agree?

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Choose from 3 distinctive packages, all affordably priced to deliver the professional resume help you need for a successful job search.

A Decade of Experience Working for You

No doubt about it – jobseeking is no fun.

Why not up your game with our artful resume writers, backed by the proven science of ATS scoring?

We don’t make promises lightly. We get it done when we say we will, and it will be right, so you can move on to landing that coveted role you’ve got your eye on.

Most importantly, we’re here for you every step of the way – so that you can relax and be your best at every interview.

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What other services do you offer?

A. Our clients want more than great resumes! We offer LinkedIn profile optimization, custom cover letters, bios, and more. We also produce different types of resumes -traditional, functional, federal, or a hybrid style, as well as CV formats (typically used in academia and medical environments).

How can I get answers to my questions before I send money?

You can call, Skype, email, LinkedIn message, or text our CEO, Victoria Ipri, for a fast response:

  • Phone call or text message: 610.609.9575
  • Skype: Victoria_ipri
  • EMail:
  • LinkedIn:

How can I be certain of which services I’m paying for?

A Services Outline and Action Plan are provided to you so that you will know exactly which services you are receiving and can track the process

Do you provide refunds?

A.We do not provide refunds for any service for any reason. If you change your mind or are unhappy, we’ll discuss it with you to determine the outcome.

How can I vet this service prior to making a decision to hire?

The best way to vet our work is to visit Victoria’s LinkedIn profile, where you’ll find hundreds of positive testimonials (under the heading “Recommendations”). Feel free to reach out privately to any one of these satisfied clients for more information.

Can I request work samples?

Certainly…we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What are my payment options? Do you offer discounts or a payment plan?

We use Paypal for all payment transactions. The direct payment link is Paypal accepts credit cards and echecks, even if you don’t have a Paypal account. We offer discounts twice a year, in February, June, and November. Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis.

What if I’m in a rush?

Due to our workload, we do not offer “rush service” in most cases. Use the contact us form to share your situation and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

What is ATS and why do I need it?

Glad you asked! ATS is software used by recruiters and hiring managers to score your resume based on how closely your key words, qualifications, and experience match the job descriptions to which you are applying. We use ATS software too! Typically, new client resumes score low – perhaps 20-40%. We shoot for 70%, at minimum; many recruiters prefer a minimum score of 80%.

Does specialize in a specific industry or professional level?

No, we work with all industries at all levels of employment.

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